The National Geographic Society has declared that the world’s highest weather operating stations have been successfully installed on Mount Everest, reported Media. The station will provide mountain conditions and real-time information to the researchers, climbers, and people.

Fae Jencks, the Director of Marketing and Communications at the National Geographic Society in a statement said on Thursday, “The multi-disciplinary team installed the world’s two highest operating automated weather stations at Balcony area (8,430 m) and South Col (7,945 m), as well as three other weather stations on Mount Everest.”

The statement also added that Phortse (3,810 m), Everest Base Camp (5,315 m) and Camp II (6,464 m) are the other stations placed. Each weather station will be recording data on temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, reported the Himalayan Times.

The research which is executed as part of National Geographic and Rolex’s Perpetual Planet Extreme Expedition to Everest will help to reduce climate risks which threats the lives of more than one billion people in the region.

As the stations continuously monitoring the atmosphere it will help to track and predict weather patterns around the globe.

“The Balcony weather station is the first weather station installed at an elevation above 8,000 meters, meaning it will also be the first to sample the stratosphere as natural variations in the atmospheric boundaries change over time,” it added.

An international team of scientists, climbers, and story-tellers led by NatGeo Society and Tribhuvan University in partnership with Rolex conducted a scientific expedition to Everest. As per the statement, the team also connected the highest-ever ice core sample conducted comprehensive bio-diversity surveys at multiple elevations, completed the highest-elevation helicopter-based lidar scan, expanded the elevation records for high-dwelling species and documented the history of the mountain’s glaciers.

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