Trinamool Lawmaker plea for ‘No Sword Display’ on the day of Muharram

Trinamool Lawmaker plea for ‘No Sword Display’ on the day of Muharram

A Trinamool Lawmaker, two days before Muharram has issued an appeal to the Muslim community that “no sword display or other weapons” during the Muharram’s procession on 21st September 2018.

Mamata Banerjee’s lawmaker Idris Ali said at a press meet in Kolkata that “displaying swords is not part of Islam.” He continued that “also, the situation in the country is such, there is the BJP, the Bajrang Dal, trying to make communal trouble in Bengal. Don’t give them a chance.”

This plea “not to display swords” on the occasion came month after Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee directed a police restriction on Ram Navami celebrations by the BJP’s in the state that includes weapons displaying as well. In fact, cases were lodged against Bengal’s Chief Dilip Ghosh for marching in a Ram Navami gathering brandishing sword several feet long.

This year in Asansol, the procession on Ram Navami lead to communal riots.

Requested if the plea against swords at Muharram was a move to suppress criticism from the BJP and Hindu community that has accused Ms. Banerjee of minority appeasement for years, lawmaker Ali said that “the situation is such. We have had to appeal. Otherwise motivated people will try to create trouble.”

Mr. Ali took a photoshoot of PM Modi, who was visiting mosques these days and “When someone offered him a topee, he refused to accept it, no no I won’t become a Muslim, he said. But now he is going to dargahs and masjids. In Bengali, this is called ‘bhandami’. We must stop them. So, we are cautious.”

BJP government is yet to respond to Lawmaker Ali’s appeal.

A few days ago, CM Banerjee announced “donation” of Rs. 10,000 across Bengal to 28,000 puja committees for Durga Puja, a move that amounted that state with Rs. 28 crore and was criticised a lot. CM Banerjee tries to balance Muslim and Hindu conciliation, she was criticized by many.

by Chandrani Sarkar on September 20, 2018

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