On Tuesday, senior BJP leader and spokesperson Sambit Patra revealed that the order given by the Supreme Court on the Kolkata police chief was a “big slap” on the face of West Bengal government. Mr. Patra alleged that Chief Minister started the political fight and stated to the reporters,  “As far as Mamata Banerjee’s drama of dharna is concerned, finally, she had to eat her own words that ‘we were there to save the Constitution’…In fact, she has been exposed.”

Finally on Tuesday Mamata Banerjee called off her ‘save the Constitution’ dharna which she continued for 72 hours since Sunday night. She began a sit-in protest after the CBI tried to question Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar. The West Bengal Chief called it ‘satyagraha’ instead of dharna and claimed that  dharna was to save our democracy, Constitution, IAS, IPS officers, and agencies.”

After the Supreme Court gave its verdict Ms. Banerjee said to the reporters that her government  “got justice from one pillar of democracy, that is, the judiciary.”

She also said that the dharna was started after the consulting and full support of all political parties.

Mr. Patra condemned Ms. Banerjee saying that “Ironically, the top court’s verdict was a big slap on the face of the West Bengal government and the kind of rhetoric politics that Mamata Banerjee was playing. People of this country are extremely intelligent and they will give a befitting reply in the general elections because one thing is aptly clear that the elections are between the gang of the corrupts and Mr. Modi.”

Meanwhile, the BJP claimed that the Kolkata Police chief had allegedly joined in the protest. Trinamool Chief has declined the allegation and replied, “The truth is Rajeev Kumar never joined the protest. Is Rajeev Kumar their nightmare? Why are they so scared? As per protocol wherever PM, CM or any other minister or Governor goes, the police always has to be with them to give them security,”

Previously the top court had directed Rajeev Kumar to appear before the CBI in connection with the Saradha chit fund scam. Yesterday the Supreme Court Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi gave the judgment that no intimidating action will be taken against the Police Chief while he has to appear before the CBI at a neutral venue in Shillong, the capital Meghalaya.

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