On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj mocks at Priyanka Gandhi Vadra after the latter summons Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “arrogance” and linked him to ‘Duryodhana’, the main culprit of the epic Mahabharata. Ms. Swaraj claims that it was her brother, Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi who had shown arrogance and insulted ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.     

The Foreign Minister tweeted in Hindi, “Priyankaji, You talked of arrogance today. I am reminding you that arrogance had crossed its limits when Rahul Gandhi had insulted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (of his party) and tore the ordinance approved by the President. Who is making sarcastic remarks?”

Mrs. Vadra had hit out at the Prime Minister’s remarks that her father, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi life had ended as “Bhrastachari Number 1”.

During an election rally in Haryana’s Ambala, Mrs. Vadra claims that “they insult my family when they don’t get any other issue. This country has never forgiven arrogance. History is proof of this. Mahabharat is also proof of this. This kind of arrogance was in Duryodhan too. When Lord Krishna went to him and put the reality in front of him and tried to talk to him, he tried to capture Lord Krishna too.”

Besides Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, several opposition leaders have also condemned PM Modi’s remark on Rajiv Gandhi.

In another Twitter post, Ms. Swaraj has slammed West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on her remarks against the Prime Minister. CM Banerjee at a rally in Purulia had declared that she would like to treat PM Modi to a “tight slap of democracy”.  

Sushma Swaraj’s Twitter post reads, “Mamataji, you crossed all limits today. You are the Chief Minister of a state and Modiji is the country’s Prime Minister. You have to talk to him tomorrow. This is why I would like to remind you of a couplet written by Bashir Badr: Rage all you want but I just have this one request from you, do not feel ashamed when we have to become friends again someday.”

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