Kalyan Singh, the Governor of Rajasthan, has violated the rules of his constitutional post by calling for the re-election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “for the sake of the country”, found the Election Commission (EC), reports source. The Election Body is likely to write to President Ram Nath Kovind to take action against the Rajasthan Governor, who is also a BJP veteran leader and has been Governor since 2014.

Last month, 87-year-old Kalyan Singh was on camera saying at his hometown Aligarh that the Prime Minister’s re-election is necessary for the nation, the society and everyone should work hard for it. He made such remarks after he faced with BJP workers showing protest over the party’s candidate in Aligarh for the upcoming National Election.

Mr. Singh said, “We are workers of BJP. Going by that, we definitely want the BJP to win. Everyone wants that once more, Modi-ji should become PM. It is necessary for the country and the society that Modi-ji becomes PM.”

He has further advised that “BJP workers should accept the party’s decision.”

When the comments were reported, the President’s office of Rashtrapati Bhavan had said that “no one in a constitutional post is permitted to campaign” for anyone. But the Rashtriya Bhavan said that it take action only if there was a complaint.

From Uttar Pradesh Election Officer, the Election Commission (EC) has asked for a report and to examine the comments.

In the 1990s, a Governor was forced to resign for violation of election code by campaigning for his son and his voting was also canceled in the constituency, the incident took place in Madhya Pradesh.  

Kalyan Singh was a Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh during the 16th century, when Babri Mosque was demolished in December 1992 by a Hindu activist, who claims it was constructed on the ruins of an ancient temple, which also marks the birthplace of Lord Ram. after which, Mr. Singh-led UP Government was dismissed.

In 1999, Mr. Singh quits BJP and returned to the party in 2004. In 2014, soon after the BJP came to power at the centre, Mr. Singh was appointed as the Governor of Rajasthan.

Both Mr. Singh’s son Rajveer Singh and grandson Sandeep Singh are lawmakers, representing centre-ruling BJP.

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