Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduces Rs. 13,000 crore projects to restored the Talcher Fertiliser plant, which will be for the first time see coal being transformed into gas for the use as producing neem-coated urea and feedstock.

The project will start production in 36 months, which will help cut the import of fertilizers and natural gas and make the country self-reliant, said PM Modi.

He addressed the gather and marked the commencement of the project and said that “Our aim is to take India to new heights of growth.”

Talcher fertilizer plant projects are central to country’s growth story, PM added, “This plant will use the latest technology as well.”

The start of the work on the plant would meet the needs, which should have been done long ago, he said. The newly introduced project will produce over 1.27 million tonnes of neem-coated urea and crop nutrient. It would use the coal-gasification technology to produce plant feedstock.

PM Modi continued that the project would also bring employment for 4500 people as “Coal-gasification is being used for the first time in India to covert this ‘black diamond’ coal into gas. This would help reduce the import of natural gas fertilize.”

A Consortium of OSUs will execute the project, said PM Modi and gave instances that how the nations’ “crown jewels” can work together.

He further said that “I am told production will start in 36 months. I promise to be here in 36 months at the start of production.”

Talcher fertilizer plant was shut in 2002 by the BJP-led NDA government as an obsolete and frequent power restriction and technologically mismatch made the plant economically unviable.

On August 2011, the government once again decided to restore the plant. A new company, named Talcher Fertilisers Ltd was formed with four state-run companies namely Coal India, GAIL, FCIL, and Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilisers as partners.


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