PM Modi urges to Madhya Pradesh Voters, “Make sure no Congress candidate is elected” - TNBCLive

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urges the people to vote intelligently in the Assembly Election on November 28. He further asked them to make sure that “not even a single Congress candidate” is elected.

While addressing a rally in Rewa, PM Modi reminded Madhya Pradesh voters that the state has a “double engine” as BJP is in power in center and also in the state.

Targeting Nehru-Gandhi family, he continued that “History proves that no dynasty prevails after its fourth generation rule in Delhi and Congress will also meet the same fate.”

The Prime Minister of India also urges people to think before voting regarding the contribution of Congress, compare it with BJP’s contribution in 15-years rule in the state.

PM Modi asked people to actively participate in the process of development and said, “If people work for 10 hours, then I will work for 11 hours for the country’s progress.”

He offered credits to Madhya Pradesh existing Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for the development of the state, “He is in power for the last 15 years but effectively got only four and a half years as during rest of the period, the state always fought with the Centre for its rights in the UPA-led regime at the Centre,” added the Prime Minister.

PM Modi also reminds that “In 55 years (of Congress rule), only 30 MW green energy was generated (in the state) while in our 15-year rule, 4,000 MW renewable energy is being generated.”

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