PM Modi Tweets Video, Children Showing “Big Lesson” on Social Distancing - TNBCLive

On Thursday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted a video on his official twitter handle. In the video some children are seen highlighting social distancing to underline the importance of practice to stop spreading coronavirus.

A group of children are seen using bricks to make people understand the importance of social distancing to combat the COVID-19. The virus has affected over 12,000 people in the country so far.

PM wrote, “What children said playfully is a key lesson in staying safe from the coronavirus pandemic.” 

One child is seen explaining to others, “Suppose all these are human beings…first, second, third…and one of them is infected by corona. See, how one person can transmit the disease to others.”

The child then pushes the bricks and the other bricks start to fall one by one till the circle of the bricks topple over. The child then asks “Did you understand how coronavirus spreads,” asks the child. The others replied, “Yes Sir”.

Experts have described how easily the deadly virus can be spread by the tiny droplets from the nose and mouth of an infected person as they cough or sneeze.

PM Modi has extended the lockdown till May 3 to slow down the transmission of the virus. The deadly virus has claimed 414 lives in India. In the last 24 hours a total 37 deaths have been confirmed in the country. On Wednesday, the centre declared 170 hotspot districts. 

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