PM Modi To Visit Sri Lanka After Easter Suicide Bombings - TNBCLive

Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Sri Lanka on Sunday, during which he will hold talks with Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena, reports President’s Office in Colombo.

After the Eastern bombings attacks in Sri Lanka, PM Modi will be the first foreign leaders to visit the country, which took lives of over 250 people, including 11 Indians.

This will recorded as the 3rd time visit of the Prime Minister of India to the island nation. Earlier, PM Modi has visited Sri Lanka in 2015 and 2017.  

President Sirisena’s office said, “The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to arrive in Colombo on Sunday for a visit limited to a few hours. The re-elected Indian leader will be on transit from the Maldives.”

He will also take part in an official luncheon, which is hosted by President Sirisena to discuss bilateral talks.

Sri Lanka Police informs that they have made tight security arrangements for his visit, including restrictions of traffic movements during the day.

In New Delhi, the External Affairs Ministry reports that PM Modi is visiting Sri Lanka with a very clear message of solidarity and indicating our confidence in the country’s government in ways to overcome the tragedy.

Enquired whether India is ready to help the island nation with scourge of terrorism, it replied being ready for any sort of support to any parts of the region.

On April 21, Sri Lanka was hit by a wave of suicide bombings, it came despite prior intelligence warnings from India.

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