After achieving exceptional success in the national election, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting his parliamentary constituency of Varanasi in eastern Uttar Pradesh. This is his first visit to Varanasi after winning there for the second time.

Sources said, PM Modi will first visit the famous Kashi Vishwanath temple and then he will be addressing the BJP workers to celebrate his massive victory. The PM will be accompanied by the party chief Amit Shah to Varanasi. They will reach the temple by road.

Getting back to power once again as a Prime Minister, he will be taking oath after three days of his Varanasi visit. At the entrance of the temple, there has been installed an LED screen which will live stream his activities and praying offer inside the temple. The chief priest of the temple, located on the banks of the river Ganga, will be performing a ritual with PM Modi.

Priest Ashok Dwivedi told the reporters, “This is our fortune that Prime Minister will perform puja with all rituals like he did in 2014 Lok Sabha and state elections. He is the biggest devotee of Vishwanath baba. Even before the rituals start, he devotes himself to god, you can see tears of devotion in his eye”.

In Varanasi, PM Modi won by a huge margin of 4.79 lakh votes. As compared to the results of the 2014 election, his victory margin increased by nearly one lakh votes. In a video message ahead of the May 19 polling, PM Modi had called himself a “Kashivasi (a resident of Varanasi)” and termed the city his guiding spirit.

Yesterday, PM Modi met his 98-year-old mother in Ahmedabad. In Ahmedabad, which is also his home state, Narendra Modi ruled as a Chief Minister for 13 years. He also held a rally there and addressed the people of Ahmedabad. He, again and again, claimed that the election had a pro-incumbency wave.  “After the sixth phase of polling, I had said that it’s 300 plus for us. When I said it, people mocked me. But the results are for everyone to see,” he said.

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