PM Modi to Address 95th Annual session of Indian Chamber of Commerce - TNBCLive

Today is the 95th annual plenary session of the Indian Chamber of Commerce or ICC, the top body representing business and industries in eastern and north-eastern India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the session via video conference. Earlier on June 2, the PM participated in the annual general meeting of the Confederation of Indian Industry or CII through video conference.

He says that his highest priority is to strengthen the economy against the impact of coronavirus and get the country back on the growth track. PM Modi highlighted the ramping up of manufacturing of personal protective equipment (PPE) over the last three months was a positive step.

“I see people thinking kaash (I wish) we were self-reliant in medical equipment, I wish we were self-reliant in manufacturing PPE kits, I wish we were self-reliant in defence production, I wish we were self-reliant in manufacturing all that we buy or consume. I see countless such kaash in Indians today. The solution to all this can only come from atma nirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India).”

“The time we are in today is also a challenge. We see an epidemic that has caused trouble and loss to the world, we have seen storms and locust swarms, back-to-back cyclones… these are no doubt tough times, but we have seen through such tough times before,” PM Modi was quoted saying.

Terming CII as ‘Champions of Indigenous Inspirations’, Modi had said domestic industries have to facilitate recovery and assist in the next level of growth. He congratulated the institution for serving the nation over 95 years and called it a “tremendous achievement.”

“I want you all to remember that it is one’s mental strength and resolve that is key in such times… those who give up easily, for them there is no end to misery in life, but for those who keep motivated through challenging times are the ones who pave the solution for all and ensure that as a person and also as a nation we emerge from this successfully,” PM Modi added.

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