Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he used the “bitter medicine” of demonetization to bring back money into the banking system and offer “proper treatment to deep-rooted corruption system” in India.

While addressing an election rally in Chhattisgarh’s Jhabua, PM Modi said that “We use poisonous medicine to eradicate termite. Similarly, I used notes ban as a ‘tez’ (bitter) medicine to treat corruption in the country.”

He continued, “People who used to hide their money under beds, in their houses, offices, and factories are now paying the tax of every single penny and we are using this money for the right schemes for the common man.”

PM Modi also cautioned the farmers of Madhya Pradesh to not to go with the wrong promises made by the Congress of offering loan to them. “The Congress made loan waiver promise to farmers in Karnataka before state Assembly polls there but instead of doing so, it is preparing to send people to jail,” added the Prime Minister.

He further said that “In 2008, a year ahead of general elections, the Congress promised loan waiver to the farmers which turned out to be an eyewash.”

PM Modi said, “My government is aiming to double farmers’ income by 2022.”

The CAG or Comptroller and Auditor General of India in its report have pointed to anomalies in the farmer’s loan waiver during the Congress regime and the Congress is anti-farmer, claims PM Modi.

He further highlighted that BJP government has so far disbursed loans to more than 14 crore people under the ambitions Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana “that too without collateral.”

PM Modi said that “The amount of work we (BJP-led government) have done in four years, Congress would not be able to do it in 10 years.”

“Remember the time when Congress was in power in Madhya Pradesh? What was the condition of people? Madhya Pradesh does not deserve a government which never thinks about the state’s welfare,” mocking at Congress said the present Prime Minister of India.

PM Modi also said that during 55-years rule of Congress in Madhya Pradesh, only 1500 schools were made by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has established 4,000 schools in MP in just 15-years.

He claims that “Our mantra is to provide education to boys and girls, income for youth, irrigation facility to farmers and medicines to elders.”

On “housing for all,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that “My dream is to provide ‘pucca’ houses to everyone in the country by 2022. We have so far given keys of such houses to 1.25 crore people.”

Attacking the Congress government, he has termed the Congress-led UPA government as “Madam Ki Sarkar” (Madam’s government) and “remote control wali sarkar” (A remote-controlled government).

PM Modi said that “I am working for the 125 crore people of the country. I am living for them and this is troubling the Congress.”

Congress talks about the development of farmers, but over 15 big irrigation project that is meant for MP farmers were kept hanging for years without any proper reasons, claims PM Modi.

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