PM Modi Tastes "litti-chokha" and "kulhad tea" at India Gate, Pics Gone Viral - TNBCLive

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the ‘Hunar Haat’, which is a crafts fair at Rajpath. The Ministry of Minority Affairs organized the event at India Gate in Delhi. During his visit, the Prime Minister took a tour of the fair observing various exhibitions where artists all over the country displayed their artworks and handicrafts.

He talked with many artisans, but one particular moment has gone viral on social media that is PM Modi having a treat. PM Modi tweeted a photo on his official Twitter account of his “litti-chokha” lunch and “kulhad tea” on the streets of Delhi. He shared the pictures with the caption, “Had tasty Litti Chokha for lunch along with a hot cup of tea… #HunarHaat.”

The same picture he also shared on his Instagram account with the caption, “Had excellent Litti Chokha for lunch. Have you tried this delicacy?” Take a look:

PM Modi, along with Mr Naqvi sipped tea, served in a “Kulhad” and also paid Rs 40 for two cups. Litti-chokha is a traditional and popular dish in Bihar, Jharkhand, and parts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. After PM Modi shared the images of enjoying the plate, they went viral, and followers posted their comments.

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