PM Modi Shares His Secret Mantra of being Active During the Lockdown - TNBCLive

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared animated yoga videos on his official twitter handle. The PM was asked on Sunday while speaking at a radio show ‘Mann Ki Baat,’ how he was keeping himself active during the 21-day lockdown period to fight against COVID-19 outbreak. He shares the video as a reply to the question explaining several benefits of various yoga asanas he is having.

The PM tweeted, “During yesterday’s #MannKiBaat, someone asked me about my fitness routine during this time. Hence, thought of sharing these Yoga videos. I hope you also begin practising Yoga regularly.”

“I am neither a fitness expert nor a medical expert. Practising Yoga has been an integral part of my life for many years and I have found it beneficial. I am sure many of you also have other ways of remaining fit, which you also must share with others…The Yoga videos are available in different languages. Do have a look. Happy Yoga practicing…”

Since the 21-day lockdown had started, PM Modi on his first “Mann ki Baat” episode gave accounts of what people across the country had told him about spending all their time indoors. Many people said they were utilizing this time to spend quality time with their family, some keep themselves engaged in cooking, while others make quilt gardening and reading. 

“I saw on social media people are dusting off their tablas and Veenas and practicing. You should do the same. Re-explore your passion, look inwards instead of going out,” said the Prime Minister.

“I will post videos on social media on what I do. Maybe you can use the videos. I am not a fitness expert, nor a yoga teacher. I am only a yoga practitioner. Maybe these will help you during the corona lockdown,” he suggested.

Last he posted some animated version of himself, on the occasion of International Yoga Day. PM Modi is always seen promoting Yoga. Last year, on the fifth edition of International Yoga Day, PM Modi said, “In today’s changing times, our focus must be on Wellness as well as protection from Illness. That is the power we get with Yoga, that is the feeling of Yoga and the ancient Indian philosophy.” 

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