On Monday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the world has “great expectations” from India, adding that the NDA Government will lead the nation to a path of “greatness” where it will be facilitated to the entire globe. 

During his first visit to Tamil Nadu after a second successive win in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, PM Modi restated his campaign against the use of single plastic. 

PM Modi was quoted saying, “During my (just concluded) US tour I saw the world has great expectations from India, which is growing… we will certainly ensure the welfare of India, and swiftly, but we will make it such a great nation that it will be useful for the world.”

Making the nation “great” was not the job of the Central Government but it is of 130 Crores Indians, said the Prime Minister while addressing party workers at a felicitation event, which was arranged by BJP at the Airport.

This was the duty of every citizen settled in every ‘nook and corner’ of the nation and “whether those who live in the city or villages, the rich or poor and young or old,” and the country will become great from the contribution of all these, added PM Modi. 

Reiterating his campaign against the single-use plastic, PM Modi said its usage “creates a big problem.”

While some personalities incorrectly asked for a “plastic-free” India, Narendra Modi had been focused only against the single-use plastic, pointing out that it cannot be used further as it “creates a big problem”.  

Most schemes have been taken forward successfully with public participation and so should be the case with the single-use plastic, said PM Modi. 

Citing that the proposed “Padayatra” by the MPs of BJP conflicting with the 150th birthday celebration of Mahatma Gandhi on October 2, the Indian Prime Minister continued that it will be helpful in exploring “these philosophies” on the ground, outwardly referring to make India a “great nation” and the campaign against the use of single plastic.

While addressing the audience in the United States, PM Modi has pointed that “Tamil” was an “ancient language” of the world. 

He continued, “Now ‘Tamil’ is echoing in the US.”

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was greeted at the Airport by Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit, Chief Minister K Palaniswami, his deputy O Paneerselvam, and Cabinet Ministers.

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