The proceedings in Rajya Sabha were interrupted among the commotion by the members of Trinamool Congress who started to show protest over the controversial issue of misuse of the Central Investigation Bureau by the Central Government. As soon as the House proceeded within the afternoon, TMC leader Derek O’Brien told Rajya Sabha Chairman Mr Venkaiah Naidu about his notification on the issue.

Responding on this issue Mr.  Venkaiah Naidu told, “I have told you in the morning that you can raise this issue during Zero Hour. During the motion of thanks to the President’s address to Parliament, you can also raise the issue and others related to your state.

TMC along with SP members gathered with the supporters and began to raise slogans.

The Chairman told, “ You don’t want discussion. You don’t want to speak in reply to the motion of thanks (to President’s address)”.

While TMC members did not show any indication of unbending, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu suspended the House for the day.

For the current inflamed agitation on the issue of CBI vs State Police, the Rajya Sabha could not conduct any other vital business in the earlier morning.

During the house convened, the TMC members started to shout with the slogan on the CBI vs State Police mega clash issue which forced the proceedings and conduction of the house with a suspension till 2 pm.

Mr. Venkaiah Naidu had told the agitating members for raising the issue during the argument on the Motion of Thanks on the Address of the President but the agitated TMC members did not ready to consider to the suggestion and began to raise slogans like “Save the Constitution” and moved forward to the prospective consequence. Then Mr. Venkaiah Naidu suspended the House till 2 pm.

Mr.Venkaiah Naidu told, he has got several notifications, along with the agitated issue on the mega clash between CBI and State Police, as well as Derek O’Brien.

Mr. Venkaiah Naidu told, “I have not admitted any one of them (notices) ”, adding members will get an opportunity to elevate “important matter at length” during the debate on the address of the President.

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