Today Supreme Court told that Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar can’t be imprisoned right now , but he has to be present in Shillong,  before the CBI, making available all the documents , as well as evidence related with Ponzi scam and also has to cooperate in the verification proceedings with the Central Bureau Investigator who initiated the probing on the Chit Fund scam in West Bengal, as CBI charged the Chief of the State Police  for manipulating and deceiving the chit fund scam evidence.

West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee described the order of the Supreme Court as a “victory of democracy”.

The Chief of Kolkata Police is at the center of the mega clash between the CBI and West Bengal CM ,Mamata Banerjee, who is currently on 3rd Day of her uncertain protest as a form of dharna instigated by the team of CBI who arrived to the doorstep of Kolkata Police Chief Rajeev Kumar on Sunday evening for interrogating him about the “missing documents” in the Saradha and Rose Valley Chit Fund cases. Several members of the TMC  have been imprisoned in this scam cases which were investigated by a Special Investigation Team led by Kolkata Police Chief Rajeev Kumar.

According to the claim of CBI, Kolkata Police Chief Rajeev Kumar safeguarded the guilty and accused members of the scam cases in his investigation. The documents, as well as evidence handed over by the special investigation team of Kolkata Police Chief  “is not complete and it was doctored”. All the allegations against the Kolkata Police Chief have been included by CBI in its affidavit to the Supreme Court.

After being impeded by the West Bengal Police, while CBI team arrived at the doorstep of the Kolkata Police Chief Rajeev Kumar for interrogation and noticed the residence of Kolkata Police Chief was blocked by Kolkata police force, CBI went to Supreme Court on Monday.

The dramatic proceedings led by CBI as well as state police consequences an indefinite protest called as “Satyagraha” by  West Bengal CM against the legal move of the CBI team describing it a “constitutional breakdown”.




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