India’s Biggest One-Day Jump in COVID-19 Cases, Records 19,906 New COVID-19 Cases - TNBCLive

Coronavirus cases in India are rapidly growing and for the second consecutive day India records more than 19,000 new coronavirus cases. In the latest report, the Union Health Ministry said the total COVID-19 cases in India today crossed 5.48 lakh mark and the death toll was recorded 16,475. As per data, nearly 3.2 lakh coronavirus patients in the country have recovered from the deadly disease.

In the last 24 hours 308 patents have died. However, India has recorded a steady increase in positivity rate over the past one week. According to official data, the country conducted 83 lakh sample tests since the beginning of the pandemic in India. In the country of 135 crore population it is tough to increase the number of testing. As of Sunday, nearly 1.7 new samples were collected for Covid test.

The freshly registered 19,906 cases only on Sunday has marked the biggest single-day jump in cases. Since the last five days India has been constantly recording over 15,000 new coronavirus patents becoming the fourth worst-hit country in the world by the pandemic.

Among all the Indian states, Maharashtra is the worst-affected state. As many as 7,273 people have died and nearly 1,64,626 cases have logged so far.  On Sunday, 5,493 new cases were recorded and 153 deaths were reported in Maharashtra. 

People were urged by Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to properly follow the social distancing rules or the government will think about re-imposing the lockdown. After Maharashtra, Delhi is at the second highest place in terms of infections. The capital state has recorded 2889 new infections and 65 deaths by Sunday. A total of 83,077 cases have been registered so far. However, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has dismissed concerns of community transmission in Delhi.

“Such a situation appeared because of total COVID-19 tests conducted, earlier 30 per cent turned out to be positive and that was happening because tests were done at the last moment. Now that we have started doing 20,000 tests on average, the condition is not there. There is no need to fear,” he said. Assam’s capital Guwahati has started its two weeks lockdown from today except pharmacies and hospitals. Tamil Nadu, with over 82,000 infections, will decide today whether to extend the lockdown.

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