India is going to be considered as one of the world’s most expensive elections. Being world’s biggest democracy, it will take six-week to complete the voting process across all over India which is spread from Himalaya range in the north to the Indian Ocean in the south, from Thar desert in the west to the mangroves of the Sundarbans in the east.
According to the reports presented by the New Delhi-based Centre for Media studies, the polling will cost an exceptional Rs. 500 billion ($7 billion). The election will start on April 11 and will end by May 19. As per, almost $6.5 billion was spent during the presidential and congressional contest in 2016, tracking money in American politics.
N Bhaskara Rao, chairman of the Centre for Media Studies and advisor of previous government said, “Most of the jump in spending will come in use of social media, travel, and advertising.”
Mr. Rao also stated that social media is supposed to be spending more about 50 billion rupees from 2.5 billion rupees in 2014. His group is also going to spend higher in the use of helicopters, buses and other transportation by traveling candidates and party workers.
Specific data can be hard to pin down, but costs are rising in general as constituency sizes increase and more candidates join the fray, said Simon Chauchard, a Columbia University lecturer who has followed elections in India.
Mr. Chauchard said that Indian politicians feel “you’ve got to do new things, and crazier things, and bigger things and louder things. It’s a bunch of panicky candidates throwing money around to voters but also to vendors selling all kinds of stuff useful in a political campaign.”
More than 8,000 contestants fighting for around 545 seats giving a tough competition to win over voters. As per reports of the company more than 40 million rupees was spent in February on political advertising on just one site-Facebook.

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