On Wednesday, the Finance Ministry has announced a new coin of Rs. 20, which will be shaped like a 27mm “dodecagon”- a 12-sided polygon.

The notification has been issued by the Finance Ministry for introducing the new Rs. 20 coins.

Unlike Rs. 10 coin that is also 27 mm in diameter and has 100 serrations on its edge, Rs. 20 coin will have no mark on its edge.

But like Rs. 10 coins, it will also be two-toned. While the outer ring of Rs. 20 coins will be 65 percent copper, 20 percent nickel, 15 percent zinc, the inner disc will be 20 percent zinc, 75 percent copper, and 5 percent nickel.

However, there are no other indication on its appearance and design yet disclosed in the notification.

India introduces new Rs. 20 coin with 27mm diameter | tnbclive.in

Interesting, it was about 10-years ago, in March 2009, that the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has issued the first Rs. 10 coin.

Since that time, there have been 13 iterations of the coin, often leads to confusion among the public.

People reported that some traders have been refusing a few variants of Rs. 10 coins, considered them to be fake.

In 2018, RBI has issued a clarification saying that all 14 kinds of Rs. 10 coins continue to be legal tender.

Despite currency notes, coins have a longer life and are released over a long period usage to stay in simultaneous circulation, said the RBI.

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