Today early morning, poisonous gas leaked from a chemical factory in Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam district, killing at least eight people. More than a thousand people felt sick after inhaling poisonous gas. Fire Engines, Ambulances, and policemen have reached the chemical gas plant, LG Polymers India Pvt Ltd.

The gas from the polyester polythene producing plant has spread over 3 kilometres of area. Residents near the chemical gas plant reported burning sensation in their eyes and difficulty in breathing. Nearly 200 people were immediately taken to hospital.

Gas leak at Andhra Pradesh chemical plant, Thousands Fall Sick, 8 Died

“We can confirm at least five deaths right now. More will be confirmed later. At least 70 people in the nearby hospitals are in an unconscious state and overall 200 to 500 locals are still getting treatment (at the hospitals),” said police official Swaroop Rani in Visakhapatnam. Authorities have evacuated five villages and hundreds of people have managed to move to safer places within hours.

The incident occurred at around 3 am when people in the nearby colonies were fast asleep. Many people collapsed on the roads after they were unable to smell the gas. 

Assistant commissioner of police Swaroopa Rani said, “The police are unable to enter the colonies because of the foul smell. They went around the colonies asking the people to come out of their homes and move to safer places.” 

Gas leak at Andhra Pradesh chemical plant, Thousands Fall Sick, 8 Died

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said he is praying for the safety of all those affected this morning by a toxic gas leak. Several other leaders have also made tweet. Have a look:

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