Coronavirus Lockdown: Government Warns of Legal Action Against Violators - TNBCLive

The central government has asked today to the state governments to strictly enforce lockdown. The official statement issued on Monday also ordered to take legal actions against the violators. The latest move comes from the government amid the rising number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country.

The novel coronavirus has already infected more than 400 people in 80 districts all over the country. This morning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted urging states to ensure that the directives are followed by people.

The Prime Minister tweeted this morning taking a tougher tone,  “Many people are still not taking the lockdown seriously. Please save yourself, save your family, follow the directives seriously. I request the state governments to ensure that the rules and laws are followed.”

A total of 80 districts all over India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bengaluru will witness a complete shutdown except some essential services. Many states have already imposed Section 144 which bans gatherings of  more than four people. Those who will violate the restrictions can face punishment under Section 188, which could mean jail up to one month or a fine of Rs 200, both both. 

The punishment can exceed maximum six months or fine of a Rs. 1,000 if  such violations endanger human lives. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, India has so far recorded a total of  415 coronavirus cases. Seven people have died so far and Maharashtra has the highest number of cases. 

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