On Sunday, the government of Gujarat has introduced a centralised command and control centre to monitor the educational activities of thousands of schools across the state. Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has initiated the centre that will track the attendance of both teachers and students and permit officials to make data entry from schools they visit to inspect through GPS-enabled tablets.

The data gathered through the process would be analysis to improve the quality of education quality in schools, said State Primary and Secondary Education Secretary Vinod Rao.

The aim is on better education and ensure accountability through the use of technology, added Mr. Rao.

It will also track the attendance and activities of around 70 lakh students and 2.3 lakhs teachers in around 42000 government and aided schools, other than just monitoring the work of cluster and block resource coordinators and school inspectors.

While addressing an event after introduction of the centralised command and control centre, CM Rupani claims that his government has taken education seriously and assigned Rs. 25000 cores in its budget.

CM Rupani continued, “It is important to supervise education and that is why we have created this command and control centre. Responsibility will not come unless they are supervised. The real-time monitoring is vital for the transparent functioning of the system.”

The Gujarat Chief Minister also introduced “Shala Praveshotsav 2.0”, “Gunotsava 2.0” and “Mission Vidya” annual programmes.

“Shala Praveshotsav 2.0” programme is objected at ensuring 100 percent enrollment. “Gunotsava 2.0” is aimed at improving schools performance and ranking them as well, and “Mission Vidya” is focused on strengthening students with a slow learning process and monitor them using the latest technologies.

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