On Friday, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval has said that in times to come, space, seas, and cyber are going to be the three sectors offering biggest “opportunities” and also challenges for nations. Asserting that India has several geographical advantages, Mr. Doval called upon neighboring nations to work together for maritime security.  

He was addressing the second edition of the “Goa Maritime Conclave” started in Panaji on October 3. The three-days meet is objected to identifying common maritime priorities of littoral countries in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). 

The Navy Chiefs of ten nations – Maldives, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Seychelles, Mauritius, Malaysia, and Singapore are participating in the event. 

Mr. Doval said that “In the times to come, seas, space and cyber are going to be the three areas which are going to offer biggest opportunities and also going to present most serious threats.”

He also pointed out the challenges before the nations are on how to widen the opportunities and minimize the threats. 

“That is the spirit that brings us together. It is the spirit how do we identify and consolidate our strengths,” added the Indian National Security Advisor.

Citing the participating countries, Mr. Doval has said that “we are aspirational states, we are the states which are interested to see peace in the region and development and growth of countries.”

He continued that the participating countries have complemented each other in regional maritime strategies.

Mr. Doval further stated that “there are many things that need to be done but probably none of us are able to do them alone. But together we can do it.”

He also pointed out that none of the participating countries are engaged in strategic conflict with each other, adding that “we don’t have any area of strategic conflict. We consider that anything is good for one is going to contribute to the wellness of all.”

Mr. Doval continued that it is desirable for “us (participating nations) to identify what we can contribute for each other not only on the security front but also in terms of economic opportunities.”

He said, “India is willing to be a part of this league and assume the responsibility befitting its size and advantages that it has got.”

“With the common good being our aim, India has geographical advantages. It also has an advantage of initiating certain things which can contribute to the common good,” added the National Security Advisor.

Ajit Doval has said that India also wants to be useful for nations in its neighborhood, adding that “but still India lacks in many areas where we would like to develop and grow. But we would like to develop and grow in a way we maximize our national benefit but also become useful to the countries in our neighborhood.”

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