Action Against Corrupt And Fraud People Will Continue, PM Modi - TNBCLive

On Thursday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the ongoing action against those who had been involved in frauds and corruption during the earlier regimes will continue. 

While speaking at an election rally ahead of the October 21st Maharashtra Assembly Elections, the Prime Minister has said that the middle-class people have made a great contribution to the country’s economy.

Maharashtra has a sizable middle-class population. 

He continued, “Over the decades, some wrong tendencies crept into the system, but we are committed to eradicating them.”

PM Modi quoted saying, “Today, all these people are being held accountable, the people against whom no one had the courage to take action…Today, you are witnessing from Delhi to Pune (the corrupt people facing action).”

Ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections, PM Modi had managed to bring those who looted the nation “to the doorstep of jail”. 

PM Modi also asked the crowd, “After the new government was formed, did it (such people going to jail) happen or not? Please tell me whether it should happen or not?”

He further asserted that “you rest assured. This ‘silsila’ (ongoing action) will continue.”

PM Modi also assured not to sit quietly until he brings back every single penny of the countrymen that was looted, adding that the NDA Government was dedicated taking the country’s economy to USD $5 trillion marks. 

“To achieve the first mark of USD 1 trillion economy, it took 60 years. We achieved USD 1 trillion economy in 2007 and after eight years, USD 2 trillion targets was achieved…but the next target of USD 3 trillion economy was achieved in the last four years,” added PM Modi.

With the assistance of clear policies and infrastructure, India to achieve a $5 trillion dollar economy target as well, said the Prime Minister. 

He continued, “It is natural that to some people this target looks impossible…they find it impossible because they see it from figures’ point of view.”

PM Modi further said for the government, five trillion wasn’t a mere statistic. 

He stated, “It is a resolve linked to the aspirations of 130 crore people of this country, and with the bigger economy, poverty will get eradicated more speedily, it will enhance the living standards.”

PM Modi also said that some people, who are pessimistic are saying that “what Modi is talking about.”

While the people have completed the slogan “mumkin hai”, PM Modi broke off saying, “but these people should know that if Modi hai…”

“We are not those who carve a line in butter. We carve a line in stone,” he added. 

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