Xiaomi Mi Mix 3’s latest live images are Turning Heads

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3’s latest live images are Turning Heads

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3‘s latest live images seem to change the bezel-less trend. Xiaomi is well known to be the trend settler with the latest devices that go trending every season. While the latest device to be revealed by Xiaomi is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. It is likely to be the flagship device of the electronics manufacturing company.

Details regarding the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is not yet revealed. However, here you can find some of the leaked images of the smartphone. In the last few days, a promotional posted leaked did all the talking about the specs of the device. Scroll down to get a detailed information.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Images | TNBClive.com


Glancing at the photo it is evident that the device features an iPhone X like full screen. You can enjoy the full-screen experience by removing chin and stuffing up the experience on the top. If you are Apple freak, then you would love laying hands at the Xiaomi Mix 3. The device looks like the Apple iPhone X. It is hard to figure out from a distance whether you are using an iPhone X or the Mix 3.

While the users are in a state of confusion thinking whether the device is still powered by the legitimate MIUI 9 software. The camera on the front is the same as in the Vivo NEX. If the images are genuine the Mi Mix 3 would also pack the screen-to-body ration competition.

by Sawan Kumar on July 6, 2018

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