WhatsApps Message Forwarding, Restriction For Users

WhatsApps Message Forwarding, Restriction For Users

The Indian Government limits the spread of fake messages and provocative content on Whatsapp. On this note the instant messaging services said that it has begun rolling its forward message limit to five chats for over 200 million users in India. The Instant messaging also published a new video to educate its users by saying it help the user education campaign on how to spot fake news and hoaxes.

The company said “ The limit started to appear this week for people in India who are on the current version of WhatsApp”. The company also globally  allows users to forward messages for up to 20 charts (either individuals or groups).

However, the COAL (Cellular Operations Association of India) said that the government should look for “more effective” steps to curb fake new and maintain public order, instead of blocking mobile applications.

WhatsApp said that the new changes, which it will continue to evaluate, “will help keep WhatsApp the way it was designed to be: a private messaging app”.

The action was taken on serious note as the crime quite increase due to the fake news that spreads through whatsApp. The fake news created in the group to provoke people and erupt disturbance in the states or country. So, Whatsapp decided to control over this situation.


by Priti on August 8, 2018

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