Visitors watch a Honda Asino perform at Honda Motor Co | Asimo News

Visitors watch a Honda Asino perform at Honda Motor Co | Asimo News

On July 31, visitors witnessed a Honda Asino perform at the Honda Motor’s headquarters in Tokyo. The profits of the company had driven up by 17.8 percent in the latest quarter of the year announced the company on Tuesday. Honda’s dream to realize vision towards serving the humanity worldwide with the “joy of expanding their life’s potential.”

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The company has added a lot to its goals with the invention of the robotic research and development wing. Asino is developed with the motto of offering championship, enhance the way of living and elaborate the people’s potential. While Honda continues to putt efforts towards the development of humanoid robots the ASIMO demonstration was held at the headquarters of Multinational Conglomerate Company. Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama (Tokyo), Honda Collection Hall in Twin Ring Motegi (Tochigi) and National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Tokyo) were hived by visitors who kept to witness the invention.

Honda Asimo

Scroll down to have a glance at the inside of the Honda Asimo

Asimo is not just robotic research but has a lot more added to it. It packs a leading technology that is enough to picture it as one of the finest robotic inventions.

  • The U3-X compact mobility prototype powers the Honda Asimo. Furthermore is also features a propriety balance system developed by Honda. It offers the robot free movement in all directions. When you watch the robot moving you would feel as if it was natural just like a human walking.
  • The controller can manage the speed of the robot, change its directions like backward, forward, make it walk diagonally and more.
  • Side management assist is another feature that the Honda Asimo packs. Behind is feature is Honda’s Stride Management assist device. It is developed in order to help people who have weakened leg muscles. The motor that is fitted inside the robot assists it in lifting each leg, thus making it easier to cover long distances at a swifter pace.

by Sawan Kumar on August 5, 2018

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