Head of Amazon India, Amit Agarwal, stated on Friday in an interview that goods and groceries items such as cleaning products, soaps, creams etc. are among its largest product selling category, in terms of units sold every year in India.

He talked about Amazon’s vision plan in the next five years and said that the consumers can expect products including avocados to potatoes, fresh meat, ice cream etc., being delivered to them within two hours of placing their orders.

However, he didn’t put much speculation on announcing the launching dates of their new shopping zone AmazonFresh.

In the U.S. market, AmazonFresh has been launched quite a long time ago and it’s been more than a decade now. It has been Amazon’s flagship service on delivering fresh grocery to its customers.

Currently, Amazon Now is providing groceries delivery service via Pantry in India. It has formed business ties in four metro cities with local vendors, to promise deliveries of pantry items within two-hours.

As per his statement, Amazon is eyeing half of its business done through consumables and groceries, in the next 5 years duration.

He also said that India is already providing largest active consumer base for Amazon, outside of the U.S. and they are experimenting with delivering fresh groceries in the country.

According to the statement of Morgan Stanley, within a decade, the e-commerce market in India will grow and reach to $200 Billion mark, since online shopping has been made easy and accessible due to cheap mobile data. Hence, the number of online customers are increasing day by day.

As India has more than 100 million customers who are registered Amazon users, the company is looking forward to establishing its business and explore its cash-in opportunities.

Agarwal also said that they are making plans to impress new clients by offering staggered payment and product exchange schemes, in order to register additional hundred million customers in its shopping site.


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