The $792,000 Night Stay

The $792,000 Night Stay

In the current time, it has been seen that technology has become so modern in the developed countries that the United States that an incorporation named Orion Span Inc. is going to launch a modular station in the space. While knowing this a few more things have been known to be confirmed. They can be listed as
The modular station will actually orbit 200 miles above Earth.
The station will provide 384 sunrises and sunsets as it goes around the earth.
The station will only be taking 6 guests at a time for the trip.
The full trip will be of 12 days.
The speed will be incredibly high for the station but this speed will not at all affect the individuals in them.

The name of the station is given as Aurora Station and the whole concept is that it has been billed as the ‘first luxury hotel in space’ Lastly it has been seen that no human trials have been done as yet. Then again for the consumers who would actually be booking the stay in space will have to go through the following, in a three months course:

  1. a. The basics of a space flight
  2. b. The mechanics that happens while staying in an orbital area.
  3. c. The environment and its behavior in space.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 10, 2018

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