Microsoft Is Preparing Word Such a Potential Competitor Of Google Docs - TNBCLive

Microsoft is exhibiting a project at its Build developer conference which targets to acquire the collaborative writing market from the Google Docs. The software, which will be commenced to Word, Office, and Outlook and delivered by the developers later this year, along with a potential name Fluid Framework and it enables parallel writing, editing and even handwritten notes in real time.

Microsoft is also attempting  to build the service with AI merged from the grounding – a Fluid document  could have hundreds of features for analyzing the content to help the collaboration, whether it is translating text in real time for the coworkers  who have the ability of speaking in another language, clutching content from the internet or recommending grammar fixes.

Fluid Framework is such a potential software which can link information between documents, as an example, if the users add a table from an Excel sheet into a Word document and then update that table in Excel, it updates in the automatic method in the Word doc as well.

The actual proceedings of the implementation of the software in Microsoft’s product are still unknown, but the initial demo shows that the company has concepts which provide the capability to work within another application even in Google Docs, which took the lead on such a web-based collaboration.

Collaborative writing application for multiple people is not totally new for Microsoft. Word has the ability to manage the real-time based joint authorship since 2015, and Microsoft first performed the feature on the latest refurbished Office Online in 2013.

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