Former Director of Defence Research and Development Organization’s Public Interface, Ravi Gupta said that the decision to call off today’s launch of the second lunar mission, named “Chandrayaan 2”, was performed at the right time before the incident of any big trouble

Mr. Gupta told sources that “when work is done at such large magnitude, especially in a unique field, such technical snags do come. I believe that it is a great success and achievement of our scientists that they stopped it at the right time before the occurrence of any big mishap. They will look into it, do necessary rectification and launch it on a new date.”

He continued that “the actual error will be identified only after a detailed study. Scientists must be working over it. In such a big mission, we cannot take any chances. Every part of such a spacecraft is tested repeatedly. Every second matter in such a mission and that is why we have such a long countdown.”

Mr. Gupta asserted that there were still a lot more to learn from such types of development. 

“This is a correct decision by the scientists to postpone the launch to a later date. Such kinds of problems teach us a lot. The achievements of science are due to such learning. The aim of Chandrayaan-2 is not only to touch the Moon but also to increase our scientific capability,” he noted. 

Hours before the lift-of, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has declared that the unveiling of the lunar mission had been called off over technical problems.

When enquired how long it could take to probe the trouble and rectify it, Mr. Gupta replied, “There are thousands of parts in such a complicated spacecraft. It takes about 50 days to install everything and make it ready for the launch. Now that it has been decided to take out the engine, I believe it will have to be dismantled to a large extent. After the problem is rectified there will be computer simulation followed by reintegration. Then only there will be a re-launch date.”

ISRO’s Public Relations Officer Guruprasad claims that the revised launch date will be later announced. 

Further details are awaited. 

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