One man collected a $16,000 full-page newspaper ad in Singapore on 11th October 2011 to convey honor to the co-founder and chief executive of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs had died and emerged innovative tech concept across the world.

The ad stated, “Thank you for the great lessons. Thank you for the great products. Thank you for bringing a bit of us to the whole world. ”

It was signed, “ Sim Wong Hoo, Chairman & CEO, Creative Technology Ltd”. Ir was attracting many who picked up the daily in that morning. Sim was a familiar name in Singapore for his Sound Blaster cards which brought audio to more than 400 million personal computers. He had been also involved in a tussle with Jobs for the matter of their portable music players. As rancor boosted in 2006, he indicted Apple for copyright breachings over the iPod.

The debate with Jobs was quite inflamed as per the recallings of Sim, and his American adversary did most of the discussion. In the end, Sim led with a $100 million settlement. Jobs said in a statement at the time, “ Creative is very fortunate to have been granted this early patent”.

Since that time, the perspective of the two companies has been separated dramatically. As the iPod developed as a part of the remarkable turnaround in the technical world, it smashed the market value of Sim’s MP3 player which was introduced in 1999, before two years of Apple’s device. It also noted the commencing of Creative’s downfall. Shares trafficked on the Singapore exchange fell from a record of $64 in March 2000 to hover around $1 in 2017. The company spontaneously out listed its shares from the Nasdaq stock exchange in 2007.

Recently, after many years and more than $100 million of investment, Sim is ultimately back -with a new methodology called the Super X-Fi which he thinks will be a game changer.


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