According to the indication of the report, Motorola Razr is going to unveil in the coming year with the latest integration of foldable technology. Currently, Motorola is giving efforts to revive the iconic Razr brand. In the new integration technology implements the secondary display for flexible scrolling in the unfolded state of the devices. Additionally, Motorola will also scope to allow a small series of apps on the secondary display of the Motorola Razr.

According to the report in XDA Developers, the next foldable smartphone, whose development has been already confirmed by Motorola, will not provide the same kind of Android experience which reminds the integration of Samsung Galaxy Fold. The reports also recommend that the secondary display will only allow content from a small group of pre-installed system apps.  The range of functionality of the secondary display, which can be operated while the device is folded or in the state of flipping, has been regulated by Motorola to scope the users to interact with apps including Moto Camera, Moto Actions and Moto Display.

As for the other attributes, the secondary display could also work as a trackpad, facilitating the users to execute the operations like scrolling through web pages on Chrome, as well as, moving through the Recent screen. Moreover, the display will place a maximum range of six quick settings which will appear in the form of tiles. However, it is not sure whether the users will be able to scroll down and access more quick settings tiles. While the camera is in user mode, the users will be able to tap on the main display to click the image and also use swiping gesture for zooming in.

The user will also be scope to experience Google Assistant animation on the secondary display while the virtual assistant is in active mode, providing the option to select to enable this feature.

If the Google Assistant has been activated and the feature is not in enable state, the users will be directed to flip open the smartphone after entering the password.

Motorola is going to initiate a resolute feature which will allow the users to set different wallpapers for the main screen and the secondary display. Lastly, the company is also experimenting few features such as allowing Moto Display App to present pulsing notifications, a clock as well as a tool for controlling the media from the secondary display. The denoting features are not official and some of them may not be included in the final integration of the product, so these experimenting gestures are the part of assumptions.

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