Latest Tech News: Over 130 companies shown interest in Lithium-Ion Cell Technology of ISRO

Latest Tech News: Over 130 companies shown interest in Lithium-Ion Cell Technology of ISRO

More than 130 companies are showing much interest in ISRO’s Lithium-Ion Cell technology. A senior officer of ISRO declares to arrange the pre-application conference on Tuesday.

Director of VSSC (Vikram Sarabhai Space Center), S. Somnath reports IANS, “The response to our announcement to transfer the lithium-ion cell technology is overwhelming. More than 130 companies have purchased the RFQ document. The pre-application conference will be held on Tuesday.”

The decision to relocate its existing tech to Indian industry on a non-exclusive basis has already been decided by ISRO and announced in June for automobile usage up to Rs.1 crore. The space agency said that the proposal will speed up the indigenous electric vehicle industry’s growth.

In order to set up production opportunities in the country, the Kerala located VSSC will relocate the Lithium-Ion Cell technology to the Indian industries on a non-exclusive basis.  This initiative was taken so that the industries can develop producing cells of different capacity, sizes, power density, and energy density as well, which will help the entire power storage spectrum requirements, reports ISRO.

According to the words of Somnath, the repositioning of technology will start with documentation transferring, as he says, “Successful companies can come to VSSC and familiarise themselves about the battery technology. We do not have the manpower to depute to the technology buyer’s place.”

Over 130 companies shown interest in Lithium-Ion Cell Technology of ISRO |

Somnath continued that the buyers of Lithium-Ion Cell battery technology can further innovate as per as market requirement. He added, “Batch manufacturing of lithium-ion cells is sufficient for ISRO’s needs. Whereas in the case of mass production it is only the industry that can do it.”

Somnath also said that ISRO makes different power and sizes of Lithium-Ion Cell batteries to power its satellites and rockets. He further exclaimed that “ISRO will not get any royalty from the buyers of its lithium-ion cell technology. Our idea is to enable the industry to develop.”

He also believes that ISRO will utilize Lithium-Ion batteries from BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals LTD) as the latest technology has been replaced by the major power equipment.

ISRO issued the RFQ containing in brief on last month of the qualification method and technology transferring process, timelines, eligibility criteria, applicant instructions and other details as well. All request and queries for extra data concerned RFQ will be disclosed at the conference, said space agency.

ISRO reports, “Competent firm’s security deposit will be adjusted against the technology transfer fee of Rs. 1 crore. The security despotic (Rs. 400,000) of unsuccessful applicants or withdrawn applications will be returned, without any interest.”

ISRO further says, “Technology shall be transferred to all/any of the competing firms who qualify the eligibility criteria as specified in the RFQ. The required process documents shall be provided by ISRO at the time of the signing of technology transfer agreement and payment of technology transfer fee.” Therefore, with 30 days of its qualification date the singlet-time transfer technology fee has to be paid.

At present, Lithium-Ion Cell battery is the main dominant battery system, which finds application for several societal requirements, such as laptops, mobile phones, cameras and other portable devices apart from aerospace and industrial applications.

Current updates made in the battery technology has been made it the most preferred power sources for hybrid-electric and electric vehicles.

by Chandrani Sarkar on July 30, 2018

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