Microsoft is still looking the appropriate reason why their Bing Search Engine went offline temporarily in China. According to the President of China, the probing assumes it may have been blocked by the censors.

The Chinese website of the US firm, was available again late Thursday, one day after it went suddenly offline, for a certain period emerging the most leading foreign search engine in China.

The interruption creates fears among the social media users that it was the latest website of foreign to be blocked by China. Social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook have long been blocked by the authorities using restraining gadgetry known as the “Great Firewall”.

Microsoft President Bradford. L Smith told the renowned media, “ This is not the first time it’s happened. It happens periodically”, at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

He said, “There are times when there are disagreements, there are times when there are difficult negotiations with the Chinese government, and we’re still waiting to find out what this situation is about ”.

Bing’s interrupted service for a certain time presented as a surprise because the search engine has pursued the censorship rules of China.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate who died of cancer during custody in the last year, came back one message: “Results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement”.

The President of Microsoft, Bradford. L Smith told that it was understood Bing did not hold the same kind of legal freedoms in China which it owned in the other’s country.

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