Instagram’s New Question Stickers Now Let the Users Get Recommendations

Instagram’s New Question Stickers Now Let the Users Get Recommendations

In the recent update on Android and iOS, finally, Instagram unveiled the Questions sticker or the Instagram Recommendations Feature. Instagram started testing the Questions sticker from last month. Now users are facilitated to hold live Q&As with their crowd, and can also use the Questions sticker to get suggestions on music, restaurant or anything a user wants to experience.

Instagram organized the feature to test users in a small group, who previously provide early screenshots. This feature works a bit different than other updated features. It seems that the responses are sent via DMs but it was not only the factor.

To utilize the newly updated feature, users need to put the Question sticker on their story and most importantly by leaving it in open slot. This will help the user to give a response and ask the question as well. To see the reactions, need to open the viewer list only. Only by creating a new Story, Instagram can respond to each reaction.

Instagram’s New Question Stickers

The primary usage of this feature is by doing Q&As with Instagram followers, which has been displayed above in the screenshots. This method will perform as an unpredictable way to get suggestions on local businesses or landmarks. Combining it with Geo-filters, it will perform more or less the same as Facebook’s recommends for suggestions.

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In fact, with the updated feature Instagram user can play music in their story, ask recommendation from followers or listing up any updated visit or ask for instant reviews of current releases as well. Instagram users can also post about their wearing and ask followers to suggest same looking brands just by tagging them.

Interestingly, the newly updated Question sticker feature of Instagram was designed proposed to attract users to Stories. Between Questions, Polls, Mentions, Music, Hashtags, and even re-framing by means of Stories, Instagram is mainly making its fleeting method the one-stop search for everything that is not video.

by Sawan Kumar on July 12, 2018

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