India’s decision Banning 59 China’s largest Apps, may create threat for China - TNBCLive

India’s strict decision to ban 59 China’s most powerful apps has created a warning for the country’s tech giants, who for years thrived behind a government-imposed Great Firewall that kept out many of America’s best known internet names. Other countries may be inspired by India if the country finds a way to carry out the treat. From Europe to Southeast Asia, all the countries 

The surprise moratorium affected the Chinese internet companies which aimed to become the world’s fastest-growing mobile arena, a route to going global and challenging American tech industry supremacy. Alibaba and Tencent have fast grown their services with 200 million users in TikTok, and making Xiaomi Corp. is the No.1 smartphone brand in the world. 

The United States has already suggested all the countries not use 5G networks.  Alex Capri, a Singapore-based research fellow at the Hinrich Foundation, sdaid, “Techno-nationalism will manifest itself increasingly across all aspects of geopolitics: national security, economic competitiveness, even social values.” 

“It will be increasingly difficult to separate Chinese tech firms from the CCP and China’s geopolitical ambitions. They will find themselves increasingly locked out,” it added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the decision after the violent military clash between India and China. India’s refusal provides further evidence that nations are using technology to assert themselves.

Zhang Baohui, director of the Centre for Asian Pacific Studies at Lingnan University said, “Beijing should certainly worry that the impact of the deadly clash could push India toward the U.S.” 

“But these recent economic measures by India may not by themselves concern Beijing too much as it understands that Modi’s government, facing rising domestic nationalism, has to do something to soothe the public sentiments and retain legitimacy,” he added. India’s decision may also provide the Americans a possible adge over Chinese players in a rare global tech market. 

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