India To Consider Economy And Security Ahead Of Huawei’s 5G Trials - TNBCLive

Indian Government to take a call on whether to permit the participation of Chinese telecommunication firm Huawei in 5G trials based on the country’s security and economic interests, reports source.

It continued that the government has asked for the opinion of concerned Ministries, including the Ministry of External Affairs has raised their views over the issue.

The United States has already banned Huawei over security purposes and it has also been forcing other nations to restrict the operation of the Chinese telecom giant. 

However, India is yet to take a call on whether it objected to place discipline on the Chinese telecom giant or permit its equipment maker to participate in the forthcoming 5G trails. 

A decision on whether to permit participate of Huawei in 5G trials will be assisted by India’s security and economic interests, added sources. 

Huawei has also teamed up with Vodafone to conduct 5G trials in India. 

It has also urged India to make an “informed and independent decision” on allowing its 5G trials in the country.

On Wednesday, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the country’s entities will supply the US-origin tech components to Huawei may face strict action under the regulations of America. 

Last month, Mr. Prasad said that India has its security concerned over allowing participation of Huawei in the upcoming 5G trails. 

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