Google has initiated two latest aiding apps for making an innovative solution of the users suffering from miscellaneous levels of hearing discord, with the attempt of assisting them to take part in a conversation using their smartphone and also weakening their trust on the hearing aids. The two latest apps are Sound Amplifier and Live Transcribe, and both of them are recently available for the users of Android smartphones. The Live Transcribe app actually a reliable tool which provides an available scope of printed representation. In another side, Sound Amplifier app boosts the volume and the clarity of sound and is targeted at the users with partial hearing impairment.

In concern of latest assistive apps unveiled by Google, the Sound Amplifier is now available as a reliable app from Google Play Store, while Live Transcribe App is currently accessible and also can be downloaded by users who desired to check it and participate further to refine it. Discussing on the core functionality of the latest unveiled apps, the Live Transcribe app follows a specific methodology to assist the deaf or those individuals who suffer in hearing impairment and appoints an advanced technology of speech recognition for converting into text in real time.

The Live transcribe App is accessible in around 70 languages and dialects. According to the claims of Google all the printed representations of conversations are accumulated on the smartphone itself and not on the servers of Google, recommending that users won’t have to be worried about the aspect of privacy. Latest innovative app of Google, Live Transcribe also facilitates bilingual conversations and also has available feedback support for alerting the users.

The App is fully compatible with all the Android device available in the market, running Android Lollipop. The live transcription feature is introduced as an inbuilt methodology on the Google Pixel 3 and can be activated by the ‘Live Transcript’ toggle in the accessibility settings. The app is now available to download as a beta from the Play Store and the Android accessibility page of the app. Another latest innovative app Sound Amplifier is only 3.1 MB in size and can now be downloaded from the Play Store. After downloaded the app can be activated functionally by going to Settings – >Accessibility- >  Sound Amplifier-> Use Service.

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