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OnePlus smartphones usually do not come with great camera configuration. Therefore, in this aspect, the company tried improving its camera performance. OnePlus 6 generally accepted as the best handset of the company produced till yet.

During the launch of OnePlus 6 in May 2018, this device earned a score of 96 from Dx0Mark, the company’s best score yet. However, with the latest updated camera features, the performance of this smart device has significantly changed. The Chinese phone manufacturing company at present decides to roll out major camera updates for this flagship device. The up-gradation based on community feedback, OxygenOS 5.1.9.

The camera app of OnePlus 6 is re-designed to facilitate its buyers with Google Lens functionality, as the OTA part. To maintain its image quality, this smart device is featured with accurate and fast autofocus paired with vivid and bright colors in all orders as well as good protection capabilities. The up-gradation of OxygenOS 5.1.9 will further improve picture clarity, portrait mode edge detection, overall focusing accuracy, speed, and dynamic range.

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To provide related search tags and details information about surface objects through machine learning, the phone camera is utilized by Google lens mode. Users of this flagship handset can use the camera scanner to scan QR codes. The image recognition tool featured in this device will assist its user to get accurate object information of buildings, books and so on, just by tapping on it.

OnePlus 5T and PnePlus 5 are also expected to receive updates of Google Lens soon via OTA. After the most recent updates, Daniel Marchena, the Senior Contributor of XDA will be facilitated to test the camera quality of the updated OnePlus 6.

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