Smartphones are the trend now! The latest trend in China involves phone manufacturers tying up with luxury car brands for exclusive editions. The past record suggests that Huawei for its special Mate and P series smartphones were tied in a partnership with Porsche. Meanwhile, Oppo this year joined the same China trend by going to a partnership with Lamborghini for its special Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition. Read on for the Honor Note 10, Rolls Royce Edition details:

The latest China report further says, Honor partnering with Rolls Royce for its all-new Honor Note 10 Rolls Royce Edition. Teaser images of this device are already streaming online and made Honor lovers much excoriated for its launch.
Honor Note 10 Rolls Royce Edition is featured with Mirror silver with the logo of Rolls Royce imprinted on the rear. Above the imprinted Rolls Royce logo, the arrangements of vertically two cameras are made coupled with a fingerprint sensor and LED flash. This phone is also designed with Honor’s own logo at the bottom.
The source further reveals that this smart device will be priced at $1495 (¥9998). For this cost, buyers might expect more than just a logo of British-owned Rolls Royce on its rear.

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This is for the first time that Huawei’s sub-brand, Honor will go to a partnership with such a luxury brand car. Honor is well-known for offering affordable smart devices of Huawei’s main line-up with exclusive models. It is interesting to see how this special edition of Honor is accepted by its enthusiasts at its launch.
This smart device is expected to get featured with 6.9-inch QHD display screen with high-quality screen resolution. Honor Note 10 Rolls Royce Edition is expected to get powered by 6000mAh battery life paired with 6GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage. This handset runs on Kirin 970 processor.
Honor Note 10 Rolls Royce Edition is expected to get introduced with multiple color options, which also got online leaked. Available color options for this smart device are black, red, silver, purple, two twilight versions, yellow, and blue. The Rolls Royce Edition of Honor Note 10 is also included.
Stay tuned to receive further updates about the exclusive Honor Note 10 Rolls Royce Edition.

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