For Election in India 2019, Facebook Establishes Task Force

For Election in India 2019, Facebook Establishes Task Force

After fronting the complicated task of managing the election based interference on their platform while India is getting ready for polling in the next year, Facebook announced that it is teaming up a task force consisting with “hundreds of people” in the country to wash away the bad factors which abuse this social platform.


The vice president  for Africa, Europe and Middle East  policy, Richard Allan told the media, “ With the 2019 elections coming, we are pulling together a group of specialists to work together with political parties.”

Allan also added, “ The team will have security specialists and content specialists, among others, who will try to understand all the possible forms of election-related abuse in India” in the capital, during a workshop on Facebook’s “community standards”

Allan described that the misleading incident involved in real-world violence is inspected by the team instructed to maintain the community standards of the Facebook and other forms of falsehood are managed by a different team of fact surveyor.

Allan noted, “ The challenge for the task force in India would be to distinguish between real political news and political propaganda”, including that the team are country-based and would contain both of existing human resource involved on these issues among the company and new appoints.

Allan said, “ the social media platform wants to help countries around the world including India, to conduct free and fair elections” with the same tone of  Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO’s comments.

During a hearing, he told US lawmakers, “Our goals are to understand Facebook’s  impact on the upcoming elections- like Brazil, India, Mexico and US midterms- and to inform our future product and policy decisions .”

by Haimantee Ghosh on October 8, 2018

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