For Deceiving People in Facebook One Indian and Three Foreign National were Arrested - TNBCLive

According to police  Indian and three Indian Woman have imprisoned for frequently cheating people on Facebook. They said the accused were recognized as Diarra Mallik, a citizen of Ivory Coast, and Okwuje Israel and Obinna, both natives of Nigeria.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Aneesh Roy said, “ According to the complainant, she received a friend request on Facebook some time back in the name of one John Harry, who told her that he was working as an account manager in BMW in Glasgow, Scotland”.

After favouring the victim, one day he informed her that he had sent high-valued gifts and the foreign currency for her which were inserted at Mumbai airport for conventions clearance according to the officer.

Then the victim paid almost Rs. 6.40 lakh in four instalments to different people imitating as customs and the officials of the airport to clear the foreign currency and gifts amounting to 50,000 pounds, according to DCP.

Mr Roy said, in the matter of investigation, Diarra Mallik who was in India on the student visa, was imprisoned. He was 6the one who had favoured the victim by faking name John Harry. He said the other three were also convicted on Sunday later.

The DCP added, one of the foreigners used to accept the details of victims and the Indian woman used to call them imitating as a convention official for the payment. Obinna, who used to acquire bank accounts from one of his Indian friend for the transferring of money, was also imprisoned.

Three laptops along with 21 mobile phones, cash 76,950, 10 passbooks and chequebooks of multiple banks and 27 credit and debit cards were nabbed from their possession, aided by the police.

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