Facebook Unveils Face Recognition Feature, Remove Tagging Option - TNBCLive

In a long-awaited relief for 2.41 billion users, the social media giant has finally introduced Face Recognition feature replacing the earlier “Tag Suggestions” settings that notified you if someone uploaded a photo and automatically tagged you in it.

On Tuesday, Applied Research Lead of Facebook AI, Srinivas Narayanan was quoted saying, “The Tag Suggestions setting, which only controls whether we can suggest that your friends tag you in photos or videos using face recognition will no longer be available.”

If you turn on the Face Recognition feature, Facebook will automatically notify you if someone uploads a photo of you, even if you are not tagged in the photo. 

Facebook has unveiled a new setting in December 2017 for some people termed it as Race Recognition. 

Mr. Narayanan has explained, “Our face recognition setting lets you manage not only whether Facebook uses face recognition technology on photos of you in order to suggest tags; it provides an easy on or off switch for a broader set of uses of face recognition, such as helping you protect your identity on Facebook.”

Users will still have the tag suggestions setting will start to see a notice in their News Feed. 

The notice will also include the information about the latest features and options to learn about how social media uses the latest introduced feature, along with a button to turn it on or keep it off. 

Facebook said that “if you do not currently have the face recognition setting and do nothing, we will not use face recognition to recognize you or suggest tags.”

Besides features like Photo Review, which allows users to know when they appear in photos even if they aren’t tagged, as long as they have an allowance to see the post depending on its privacy settings, won’t be activated.

It continued, “People will still be able to manually tag friends, but we won’t suggest you to be tagged if you do not have face recognition turned on. If you already have the face recognition setting, you won’t receive a notice.”

“We don’t share your face recognition information with third parties. We also don’t sell our technology,” noted the social media giant. 

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