Facebook to reveal country of origin behind Pages

Facebook to reveal country of origin behind Pages

Till the end of month June, Facebook announced several measures to bring more transparency to Pages and their associated ad campaigns. Those included a new “Info and Ads” button that yielded information on ads run by the Page owner on Facebook and across its various properties and partner networks. Today the company is introducing a companion measure that will seek to prevent bad actors from hiding behind fake or hijacked accounts and require identification of “primary country location” for Pages with large US audiences.

For those required to complete an authorization — Pages with large US audiences — failure to do so will prevent any further posting or updates and effectively lock them out. The new policy will roll out this month.

The new information will be very helpful to journalists and political professionals, among others. The real question is whether “ordinary people,” the targets of deception on Facebook, will take the time to investigate where the information is coming from. The point of all this, as well as a number of other measures Facebook is taking, is obviously to prevent the kind of deception and manipulation of audiences that plagued the 2016 presidential election and subsequent European elections — and is still a threat in the forthcoming US midterms.



by Sawan Kumar on August 12, 2018

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