Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg says social-networking site “Better Prepared” for Election Meddling

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg says social-networking site “Better Prepared” for Election Meddling

Facebook’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said that the social networking site is all ready to defend against efforts to influence the platform to manipulate elections and recently have dissatisfied foreign influential campaigns aimed at several countries.

Mr. Zuckerberg posted on his personal page, highlighted the number of steps that Facebook has adopted to protect against manipulation and misinformation campaigns objected at disrupted elections.

Chief Executive of Facebook said that “We’ve identified and removed fake accounts ahead of elections in France, Germany, Alabama, Mexico and Brazil,” Zuckerberg https://us.tnbclive.com/technology-gadgets/the-future/twitter-facebook-launch-tools-to-track-advertising/said..”

He continued, “We’ve found and taken down foreign influence campaigns from Russia and Iran attempting to interfere in the US, UK, Middle East, and elsewhere – as well as groups in Mexico and Brazil that have been active in their own country.”

Zuckerberg repeatedly said that Facebook was no preparation for the vast manipulation efforts media on social during the time of 2016 US election. However, he further said that “today, Facebook is better prepared for these kinds of attacks.”

He also claims the task to be a bit difficult as he says, “we face sophisticated, well-funded adversaries. They won’t give up, and they will keep evolving.”

Zuckerberg expressed that social networks also fights with people creating fake accounts, which are misused to spread wrong information, which has been blocked over a billion.

“With advances in machine learning, we have now built systems that block millions of fake accounts every day,” he added. “In total, we removed more than one billion fake accounts – the vast majority within minutes of being created and before they could do any harm – in the six months between October and March.”.”

Facebook co-founders’ post was the most recent in a series of steps objected to repair the damaged caused due to missteps in 2016, which involves the takeover of personal information of millions of Facebook users by a political agency worked for US President Donald Trump.

Facebook separately announced that it was expanding fast-evolution of videos and photos to 27 partners around 17 countries, up from 14 nations earlier this year.

Antonia Woodford, producer manager of Facebook said that “Similar to our work for articles, we have built a machine learning model that uses various engagement signals, including feedback from people on Facebook, to identify potentially false content.”

Mr. Woodford expressed, “we then send those photos and videos to fact-checkers for their review, or fact-checkers can surface content on their own.”

by Chandrani Sarkar on September 14, 2018

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