San Francisco (News Service) – On Thursday Facebook Inc. has launched an archive of United States political ads that are displayed on the world’s largest social network after a cacophony over the Russians’ alleged purchase of such advertisements.

The archive tool would be passed on to other countries in the upcoming time. The world’s largest social network Facebook has about 2.2 billion monthly active users, affirmed seven months ago in order to develop a cache saying at the time of the U.S. congressional hearings. However, the core to the creation was to create a transparency image in the field of political advertising.

On Thursday all political ads or ads that talk about an electoral matter that are displayed by Facebook must hold a payer name. The statement was announced by Facebook’s director of ad product management through a post that went live on the company blog. However, the archive would deal with the ads that ran in May.

“We believe that increased transparency will lead to increased accountability and responsibility for time – not just for Facebook but advertisers as well,”- said Leathern.

“Clicking on the label will take people to a searchable archive with information such as the campaign budget, how many people saw it and the demographics of those people such as age, location, and gender”- he added.

Moreover, the search engine giant Google and Twitter announced that they have plans to develop similar searchable databases.

Democratic Senator Mark Warner posted a tweet that said that the Facebook archive is a “big step” towards the right direction. Warner also added that in order to save from a “patchwork of disclosure across social media,” a legislation would be much needed.

On February 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies that had a conspiracy for taking part in a criminal act where charged by the office of U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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