The Triple Play that has been seen to be done by the Ambani’s have been seen to disrupt the Cozy Club. But then again it has been seen that the winning strategy of the Ambani is nothing but to combine carriage with content and commerce.

The current situation of the Indian Telecom industry is seen to be in a turmoil. The credit or the blame both goes to the single person who is responsible for the same. It has been seen that it was around 18 months only when Mukesh Ambani came up with the idea of Reliance Jio. He being the richest man in India had a vision of the 4G network at that point of time when other operators were only thinking of 2G or Hi-Speed internet. At that point of time he made a $31 billion bet on data and set up his empire of the Jio Info-com. He was the first person rather Jio was the first service provider who provided free voice calls to any other operator without any limitation. The next step what he dis was that he provided 1 GB of free data to the JIO customers.

The result of the above outcome was that no matter whatever offers other gave they were never able to cope up with JIO and hence the consumer base went on increasing which till date is also increasing.

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