Artificial Intelligence Disrupt the Sports Viewing Experience! Let’s see HOW

Artificial Intelligence Disrupt the Sports Viewing Experience! Let’s see HOW

Sports is one of the best game that attracts people in huge number. So, Artificial Intelligence is playing the vital role to disrupt the sports viewing experience. The technology undergoing different transformations, new and disruptive ones are emerging frequently. This technology helps to display every moment of sports. As per report, the AI developed by researchers from the German Technische to assist FIFA ranking, each country’s population and their Gross Domestic Product (GDP), bookmaker’s odds, how many of the national team player play together in a club, the player`s average age, and how many  champions Leagues they have won, to predict players as well as team performance, making the technology indispensable to business and team composition.

Growth in Viewership:- The target of AI is to expand beyond football and will be span to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, for which the Japanese Government is developing an AI-based spectator guide system. The developer team target to viewer experience and profitable business applications from operations and logistics that could increase the Olympics event in large numbers.

Helpful for the player:- AI is very helpful and useful for the players as it helps to demonstrate the player performance analysis. It helps sports professionals to understand their strength and overcome weakness.  On the other end, it is very supportive for training and development as well from training session to daily schedules and many more.

A vital role in FIFA:- The technology AI is very much indulged in FIFA World Cup 2018, to make a video analysis possible. It allowing users to search for goals, red cards, and players by name. It displays clear visuals to people not feel distracted or disturbed. Each and every moment the technology had been used to make a decision on the ground. 

AI uses Limited in India: After in such technology world AI uses is very Limited in India. It can present a huge opportunity for entrepreneurial minds to bring the benefits of AI to the players and for viewers experiences. As per the report, it makes the whole experience even more personal for the tele-viewers to feel close to their team or players.

by Priti on July 31, 2018

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